Field Hospital X was established to research and implement ways in which art can address social ills.

FHX is a modular, adjustable, and pluralistic space committed to serving the community. It delivers care and empathy in a thought-provoking manner, aiming to inspire individuals to take responsibility and bring about change in their immediate environment.

FHX represented Israel at the Venice Art Biennale in 2019. Due to its success and the positive reactions of visitors, it was registered as an NGO in Israel. Over the past years, FHX has provided a safe space for visitors to practice and explore tolerance and empathy. The various care areas and facilities of the hospital were planned and designed using artistic tools to create a unique setting where storytelling can penetrate the protective walls of the soul.

FHX’s Experience and Development Center opened in March 2024 at the Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences, University of Haifa.

To date, FHX has been visited by approximately 90,000 people in Israel and around the world.

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Miki Gov (MG)

Producer of performing and visual arts. He has produced numerous events in the fields of music, dance, theatre, arts and television. Additionally, Gov has initiated, arranged and managed international tours of dance groups and musicians.

Aya Ben Ron (Artist, Founder & Director)

Multidisciplinary artist. A professor at Haifa University and Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem, Israel. Her work ranges from site specific projects and installations to moving-image, documentary and film, and includes collaborations with medical institutions and hospitals. www.ayabenron.com

Avi Lubin (Curator)

Curator and writer in the field of contemporary art. Curator of Hamidrasha Gallery – Hayarkon 19 and founding co-editor of Tohu Magazine – a trilingual online art publication (Hebrew, Arabic and English). Between 2014-2019 Lubin served as the head of theoretical studies of the Postgraduate Program of Fine Art at the Faculty of Arts – Hamidrasha, Beit Berl College.

Maya Ribak (Administrative Director)


NGO Members


Branding, Architectural planning, Facilities, Design: Aya Ben Ron
Curator: Avi Lubin
Producer: Miki Gov

Equipment Manufacturing: GO MedicalGeorge Zituna
Safe-Unit Manufacturing: Techwood S.A.S. (Italy)
Tone Audio video LTD (Israel)
Costume Designer: Maya Zukerman – MYKI Boutique
Product Designers (Remote Controls, Screens): MoTa Product Design Ltd.

Writer, Director, Editor: Aya Ben Ron
Director of Photography: Oded Kimhi
Presenter: Victoria Hanna
Original Music Score: Ran Shem Tov
Sound Editing: Binya Reches
Visual Effects Supervisor and Compositor: Guy Lubin
Broadcast Design: Gilad Shtainhart
Sound Recording: Amos Zipori
Makeup & Hair: Ziv Katanov
Assistant Director: Shira Yasur
Visitor: Avi Lubin
Camera Assistant: Daniel Batash
Gaffer: Rami Agami
Additional Video Photographer: Nini Moshe
Sun Video Studios – Guy Broza – Adi Gal
Camera, Rental: Utopia, Glikson
Audio Video Equipment: Doron Screens
Transportation: Yaron Shushan
Voice Restoration Unit – No Body Theme Song
Physician: Yonatan Lahav, MD, Director, laryngeal surgery and vocal cords unit, A.R.M center, Assuta, Tel Aviv
Singer: Shira Yasur
How to Shout a Self-Contained Shout
Voice Teacher: Yaniv Baruh, Estill Figure Proficiency Vocal Coach

Text: Aya Ben Ron
Voice: Victoria Hanna
Sound: Ran Shem Tov

Text & Design: Aya Ben Ron
UX Consultant: Aya Gov
Programmer: Eli Cohen
Translation: Shira Yasur, Reem Ghanayem

Text: Avi Lubin
Language Editing and Translation: Shira Yasur, Sivan Raveh, Safra Nimrod, Reem Ghanayem, Fawzi Ibrahim
Design/Branding/Visual Identity (Website): As We Design
Graphic Design (print): Hagit Maimon
Installation Photography: Elad Sarig
Portrait Photography: Noa Yafe, Liraz Pank
Print House: Berchet Print Design (Padua), A.R. Printing Ltd.(Tel Aviv)
Website Programmer: HTML Mafia


Commissioned and Produced: Field Hospital X
Curating, Content: Avi Lubin

Dor Zlekha Levy| BARIK | 10:00 | 2022
Idit Avrahami | INSTITUTIONAL ABDUCTION | 08:20 | 2019
Roey Victoria Heifetz & Zohar Melinek Ezra | BLOCK OF CLAY | 07:25 | 2019
Anonymous Palestinian | HABIT | 05:50 | 2019
Aya Ben Ron | NO BODY | 11:35 | 2017

Amalia Sa’ar | Associate professor of cultural anthropology at the University of Haifa, Israel
Rivka Warshawsky | A Lacanian Psychoanalyst and a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University
Sagit Arbel Alon, MD | Gynecologist, Deputy Director of Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital
Shai Lavi | Professor of law at Tel Aviv University and Director of Van Leer Jerusalem Institute
Ze’ev Degani | Principal and CEO of the Hebrew Gymnasia Herzliya and Founder of and Chairman of JustSpirulina
Naama Sabato |Clinical social worker specializing in trauma. Director of the Department of people with no legal status at the Association for LGBTQ Equality in Israel
Dr. Navit Barel | Poet, literary scholar, and literary editor at Pardes Publishing and at the Helicon non-profit literary Organization.

Director & Editor: Aya Ben Ron
Director of Photography: Oded Kimhi
Presenter: Victoria Hanna, Laila Abd Elrazaq
Sound Editing: Binya Reches
Visual Effects Supervisor and Compositor: Guy Lubin
Sound Recording: Amos Zipori
Additional Sound Recording: Asher Millo
Makeup & Hair: Ziv Katanov
Camera Assistant: Daniel Batash
Gaffer: Rami Agami
Translation and Subtitles: Studio Meisler
Sun Video Studios – Guy BrozaAdi Gal

Muza – Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv | 2022

Deputy Director and Chief Curator at Large: Dr. Debby Hershman
Graphic Design Production: The League
Production: Barak Pony
Lighting: Arkady Likin, Nimrod Wachsberger
Multimedia: Amir Ulrich
Publications Manager: Tamar Shenker
Arabic Translation: Fawzi Ibrahim


Artist: Aya Ben Ron
Curator: Avi Lubin
Commissioner: Miki Gov – Productions Den Ltd.
Commissioner and Manager of the Israeli Pavilion, Venice: Arad Turgeman
Production Manager: Eytan Heidingsfeld
Production Coordinator: Naama Henkin
Pavilion Team Manager: Natalia Sorokina
Banners Manufacturing: Media Republic
Architectural Planning and Consulting: Eyal Rozen
Multimedia Consultant: Amit Bauml
Safe-Unit Planning: David Huja – DHA Acoustic Design Ltd (IsraeI)
Visual Presentation (Stage 1): Neta Haker
Production Coordinator (Stage 1): Tal Schwartz
Studio Assistant: (Stage 1): Lital Yeshurun
Seamstress: Anai Wittner
Italian Translation: Paola Meller
Packaging: Rolling Cases S.M ltd., Clip-Lok Simpak RC ltd.
Transportation: Sonigo International Shipping
Travel Agent: Rina Dabush Signal Tours

FHX Staff: Boschiero Beatrice, Chinellato Marta, Callegaro Laura, Cangiotti Camilla, Gardenghi Andrea, Mostert Martha, Pengili Megghi, Saccuman Martina, Salvemini Beatrice, Sankalaitė Gabrielė, Santini Laura, Zago Ilaria

Lighting: ElettroNava – Electrical systems and security (Venice)
Construction Team: Edilberton S.A.S. (Venice)
Construction Engineer: Luigi Brisighella (Padua)
Safety Engineer: Studio Tecnico Baessato (Venice)
Accountant of the Israeli Pavilion: Daniela Vinciguerra (Padua)
Shipper and Customs Broker in Italy: Cutter S.A.S (Venice)
Italian Translation: Arch. Francesca Cremasco (Venice)

Public Relations
Italy: Silvia MacchettoMargherita Sassone
Israel: Einat Cohen

Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport
MK Miri Regev, Minister of Culture and Sport
Yossi Sharabi, General Director
Galit Wahba Shasho, Director of Culture
Shirit Keessen, Director of Museums & Visual Arts Department
Elena Lulko, Budget and Planning Coordinator
Yigal Amedi, Chairman of the Israeli Council of Culture and Art
Yigal Amedi, Acting Chairperson of the Visual Art Section
Steering Committee: Judith Guetta, Sharon Poliakin, Eyal Danon, Eli Petel, Anat Danon-Sivan



Van Leer Jerusalem Institute: Prof. Shai Lavi, Dr. Yochi Fischer, Ronna Brayer-Garb, Dr. Miri Rozmarin, Dr. Varda Shiffer
Amram (Ruach Ha’Mizrah Association)
Professor Ofer Merin, Colonel (res), Commander IDF Field Hospital, Director General Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem
Kobi Peleg, Professor of Emergency and Disaster Management at Tel-Aviv University
Prof. Elhanan Bar-On MD, MPH, Director of The Israel Center for Disaster Medicine and Humanitarian Response, Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer Israel Center for Medical Simulation (M.S.R), Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer


The Israel Lottery Council for Culture & Art
The University of Haifa
The University of Haifa’s Faculty of Law Legal Clinics and Refugee Mental Health
The Leon Charney Resolution Center
The Leon Charney Forum on New Diplomacy based at The University of Haifa

  • The University of Haifa established in 1972, is a dynamic institution with a world-renowned reputation in many different fields of research, and it is the leading University in Israel in the fields of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Welfare and Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, Education and Management. The University’s distinctive mission, being a “Multiversity”, is to foster academic excellence in an atmosphere of tolerance and multiculturalism – an environment which contributes to excellent research and to more exceptional, creative and productive alumni. http://bogcms.haifa.ac.il/index.php/en

  • ZAZ10TS is a cultural initiative that integrates art into the office building at 10 Times Square in New York City (1441 Broadway). Conceived by Tzili Charney, ZAZ10TS brings art and culture to the building’s community, visitors and passersby. www.zaz10ts.com

  • The Leon Charney Resolution Center is in collaboration with The University of Haifa’s Faculty of Law Legal Clinics and Refugee Mental Health Initiative to help care for tens of thousands of adults and children from East Africa forcibly displaced in Israel. The University of Haifa’s Faculty of Law http://law.haifa.ac.il/index.php/en/home; Observing Minds Lab https://irca-haifa-6h5e.squarespace.com; Israel Young Academy http://www.young.academy.ac.il/?nodeId=808

  • The Leon Charney Resolution Center is an innovative space dedicated to both the history and the future of diplomacy, embodying the spirit of Mr. Leon Charney, esteemed philanthropist and Middle East negotiator. Our center provides training in the art of negotiation and mediation through peace talk simulations, lectures, film screenings, and workshops for students in Israel and all around the world. www.charneyresolutioncenter.com

  • The Leon H. Charney Forum on New Diplomacy was established to provide one-of-a-kind training and practical tools to its readers from digital literacy to the branding and marketing of nations and cities through the study of ethics, culture, geo-politics, negotiations, and media relations. www.charneynewdiplomacy.com

Gandyr Foundation
NATAL Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center
Outset Contemporary Art Fund
Makor Foundation for Israeli Films
David and Michal Fuhrer
TIAF: Tel Aviv Israeli Art Foundation, Tel Aviv University
Sotheby’s Israel


Leah Abir, Prof. Gur Alroey, Prof. Yehiel Bar-Ilan, Moshe Ben Moshe, Isaac Bren, Wonkyung Byun, Tzili Charney, Prof. Yoel Donchin, Galit Eilat, Hila Elroy, Eli Gur-Arie, Shiri Hadar, Dr. Debby Hershman, Shai Ignatz, Jonatan Irroni, Ami Katz, Tami Katz-Freiman, Shirit Keessen, Guy Lerner, Noa Manella, Assi Meshulam, Marganit Ofer, Meir Rakocz, Prof. Ron Robin, Tal Shlomovitz, Einat Weizman
Tomer Sapir, Nimrod & Tamara Sapir Lubin
Itamar, Aya & Uri Gov
Oded, Nimrod & Amos Kimhi