Safe-Units are facilities in which visitors can learn through sound instructions how to produce a Self-Contained Shout. Learning from the principles of Estill Voice Training, which promote the notion that vocal knowledge is vocal power, FHX’s Safe-Units give the visitors the confidence that their voice will always be ready to respond to any challenge they may face. FHX Safe-Units were inspired by the architecture and functions of private, small bunkers, and by “safe rooms” in mental hospitals, designated to protect patients from causing harm to themselves and to others. They are covered with soft mattresses and provide every visitor with privacy, a safe place where no one watches or listens to them.


Care-Chairs are designated to affect the visitor’s physiological and emotional conditions, to generate attentive listening. Each Care-Chair consists of a personal screen and headphones for personal viewing of FHX Care-Kits. Their design is inspired by Dental and Gynecologist Chairs. They offer comfortable support for the visitor’s body, while maintaining attentiveness. On the Care-Chairs, visitors are patients, recipients of care; and at the same time, they are Care-Takers, carefully listening to someone else.


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Self Check-Up

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