Price: 50₪ (the payment is a contribution to FHX activities)

Approx. 45 min | Heb-Eng | Limited number of tickets!

For the best experience: Use a computer/tablet with high quality headphones. Find a quiet room where you will not be interrupted. Use a stable and fast internet connection.

Your entire visit is accompanied by FHX Director Aya Ben Ron (in Hebrew) and is composed of three stages:

› Learn how to produce a SELF-CONTAINED SHOUT so that your voice will always be ready to respond to any challenge you may face.

› Watch one of FHX CARE-KITS: A short video by an invited artist, telling a personal story and revealing a social injustice. The video is followed by two Second-Opinions by FHX experts.

FHX INTENSIVE CARE: In-depth acquaintance with FHX goals guided by Avi Lubin; Q&A; Get your FHX Self Check-Up Kit.

→ Book your visit according to the Care-Kit you’d like to watch (all care-kits with English subtitles):

NO BODY (2017) by Aya Ben Ron is a video about abuse in the family. After many years of silence, she tells her story in her own terms. In a combination of video and animation, and the structure of a fairytale, Ben Ron confronts her childhood trauma. This video is Ben Ron’s testimony.

BLOCK OF CLAY (2019) is a video by artist ROEY VICTORIA HEIFETZ and filmmaker ZOHAR MELINEK EZRAH. In her monologue, Roey Victoria talks about feelings of alienation from her own body, and the many years of not admitting her true gender. She reveals herself to the camera, while in the process of gender transition. The viewer’s gaze moves around her body from different angles, closer and farther away, showing all the flaws and weaknesses of the body.

INSTITUTIONAL ABDUCTION (2019) tells the story of three Mizrahi mothers whose babies were abducted from them shortly after birth. These stories would later become known as “The Yemenite, Mizrahi and Balkan Children Affair,” depicting the institutional kidnapping and forced disappearance of thousands of babies and toddlers from migrant families in Israel, mainly in the 1950s. To this day, these mothers do not know what happened to their children, and their claims against the state are still ignored and silenced.


DO YOU CARE? | Habima Theatre | Loving Art Making Art | Tel Aviv | 2020

In 2019, artist Aya Ben Ron launched Field Hospital X at the Israeli Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. Operating as a non-profit organization, the hospital is a (physical, conceptual, and virtual) space that allows people to talk about traumas and the social injustices that afflict them. It is a way to think of art as a space of care and attention, which encourages visitors to be empathetic, attentive, and aware of what they are witnessing. The question Do You Care? is a motto of FHX.

DO YOU CARE? | “Open Skies” exhibition | Curator: Avi Lubin | Loving Art. Making Art, Tel Aviv | Photos by: Tomer Foltyn, Dor Kedmi



“The artist builds a place in which silent voices can be heard, and social injustices are made visible through a collective process of catharsis and awareness-raising. This represented, for me, the most impactful artwork because it uses an everyday life background to spread sensitive information through real stories, which are often hidden because of fear.”  Virginia Alluzzi wrote for ADF web Magazine

“Having failed to visit the Israeli Pavilion at the Venice Biennale Giardini last May due to the unspeakable queues, a bit like the Japanese Pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo that I will never know what it offered to generate that river of people waiting, in the last few days I took a train with the aim of finding out if it was really worth visiting the project of the artist Aya Ben Ron… The most significant inspiration I brought with me, however, is the awareness of the fundamental importance of today’s artistic message , its capital role in the awakening of a critical conscience that, dragged as we are among a thousand commitments and under the continuous pressure of social media, we tend to leave dormant.” Fabiana Giacomotti wrote for Lettera43 about Field Hospital X

“Once you come into contact with these issues, your sensibility and the sensations you feel will all be real: disgust, anger, shame, horror, repulsion, fear or fearful relief. These are the reflections that these stories intend to stimulate. This is the real cure. “Care” as a synonym for empathy, reflection, responsibility, awareness. A warning against indifference. An appeal to freedom, peace and tolerance.” Arianna De Simone writes for Periodico italiano magazine about her visit to Field Hospital X

“Of the 90 national pavilions participating in this Venice Biennale … the Israel Pavilion is absolutely unique… Field Hospital X … is an extraordinary exhibition.” Gabriel Wu writes about Field Hospital X

“… the artist has developed an intelligent and perfectly thought-out clinical concept, which deals with relief and empathy, with pronunciation, listening and comprehension.” Susanne Boecker writes for KUNSTFORUM International about Field Hospital X.  

“Because ‘human care’ is a result that deserves an effort. And only in this way, taking back the necessary time and attention, man can find a moment of true freedom, as reported by the bracelet. An intellectual and material freedom, rarer every day in our world.״ Domenico Fallacara writes for The PhotoPhore about Field Hospital X

“The boy feels uneasy, the enclosed place makes one think of safety but also of a trap, and the scream is a manifestation of venting but also an external manifestation of pain. For example, that of people being tortured in environments where screams will never be heard by anyone, he thinks.” Barbara Picci writes for Mediterranea about Field Hospital X.

“The whole pavilion was a brilliant idea, especially interesting for me as a starting art psychotherapist, but also as an artist…” Kai D. Janik Art writes about Field Hospital X

“Of the 90 national pavilions participating in this Venice Biennale … the Israel Pavilion is absolutely unique… Field Hospital X … is an extraordinary exhibition.” Gabriel Wu writes about Field Hospital X.

Field Hospital X is one of the Top 12 Art Shows During the 2019 Venice Biennale according to Escapadas.UK

Field Hospital X is one of Elle Decor Italia 1 of 10 pavilions not to be missed at La Biennale di Venezia: http://katzr.net/521722