Personal Online Visit


July 2020 – February 2021 | During Covid-19 Field Hospital X operated Online


Approx. 45 min | Heb-Eng | Limited number of tickets!

For the best experience: Use a computer/tablet with high quality headphones. Find a quiet room where you will not be interrupted. Use a stable and fast internet connection.

Your entire visit is accompanied by FHX Director Aya Ben Ron (in Hebrew) and is composed of three stages:

› Learn how to produce a SELF-CONTAINED SHOUT so that your voice will always be ready to respond to any challenge you may face.

› Watch one of FHX CARE-KITS: A short video by an invited artist, telling a personal story and revealing a social injustice. The video is followed by two Second-Opinions by FHX experts.

FHX INTENSIVE CARE: In-depth acquaintance with FHX goals guided by Avi Lubin; Q&A

→ Book your visit according to the Care-Kit you’d like to watch (all care-kits with English subtitles):

NO BODY (2017) by Aya Ben Ron is a video about abuse in the family. After many years of silence, she tells her story in her own terms. In a combination of video and animation, and the structure of a fairytale, Ben Ron confronts her childhood trauma. This video is Ben Ron’s testimony.

BLOCK OF CLAY (2019) is a video by artist ROEY VICTORIA HEIFETZ and filmmaker ZOHAR MELINEK EZRAH. In her monologue, Roey Victoria talks about feelings of alienation from her own body, and the many years of not admitting her true gender. She reveals herself to the camera, while in the process of gender transition. The viewer’s gaze moves around her body from different angles, closer and farther away, showing all the flaws and weaknesses of the body.

INSTITUTIONAL ABDUCTION (2019) tells the story of three Mizrahi mothers whose babies were abducted from them shortly after birth. These stories would later become known as “The Yemenite, Mizrahi and Balkan Children Affair,” depicting the institutional kidnapping and forced disappearance of thousands of babies and toddlers from migrant families in Israel, mainly in the 1950s. To this day, these mothers do not know what happened to their children, and their claims against the state are still ignored and silenced.

Field Hospital X is an international institution (NGO registered in Israel R.A 580692754), committed to promote awareness of social injustice through art and motivate people from listening to action. FHX provides a space in which silenced voices can be heard and social injustices can be seen. FHX was established by artist Aya Ben Ron and was launched at the Israeli Pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia in May 2019.

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